Chocolate saves the day!

Hans is packing a specific kind of chocolate–Scho-Ka-Kola (“Chocolate-Coffee-Kola Nuts”)–which was produced by Hildebrand, Kakao- und Schokoladenfabrik manufacturer starting in 1935, and included in rationing for civilians and military personnel alike. Advertised as a “sport chocolate”, it contained roasted coffee beans and kola nuts, which provided caffeine and sugar energy. It became colloquially known as Fliegerschokolade (“Aviator Chocolate”) because of its use as a stimulant for Luftwaffe night pilots, but was also used by tank crews, sailors, and even athletes during the 1936 Olympics. Its packaging has barely changed since its original 1936 launch, which is great, because I ordered some and had a nice little reference for this page (for the record, it is quite delicious).

Please do not feed chocolate to actual foxes.