Hans Vogel–ace pilot, war hero, and card-carrying Party member–loses his life in the Battle of Britain. It’s when he wakes up again in the curious afterlife of Märchenwald, where fairy tales are real and a happy ending hasn’t happened in over thirty years, that he realizes his life has been spent in service of an evil empire and its effects have reached far beyond what he could have imagined. Accompanied by Reineke, a young girl cursed in the body of a fox, he sets out to unlearn the fascism and cruelty he learned in life, undo its power in the fairy-tale world, and maybe, just maybe, do better this time around.

HANS VOGEL IS DEAD launched in webcomic form in the September of 2015 as an anti-fascist fairy tale with elements of historical fantasy.


Sierra Barnes is a historian-turned-comic-creator who currently lives in Washington, DC making webcomics and print comics based on history and folklore. She is particularly interested in the relationship between history, mythology, and memory, and her comics (especially this one) reflect this. When she’s not making comics, you can usually find her haunting cafes and museums like a very nerdy ghost. She’s on Twitter and Instagram.


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